• fernando mercado branding expert profile logo

    Co-Founder | Branding Specialist

    (One of the creative maniacs for sure)

    Hola, I’m Fero. (he/him)

    I would describe my way of work as creative thinking for strategic performance. Music lover/addictwith over 7 years of experience buying records, going to concerts and festivals by getting paid for creating content, developing strategies, and managing teams to run campaigns for local and international brands, in several fields such as media & entertainment, retail, technology, financial and non-profit.I once broke a finger and didn’t find out until it healed the wrong way. Whoops.

  • Chad evans branding expert profile photo

    Co-founder | Creative Director

    (Creative Maniac)

    Hey I'm Chad. (He/Him)

    Starting this agency with one thing in mind, believing that we can create a better human connection through visually strategic creative branding.Seeing how we are pushed advertising 24/7, I wanted to create a focus on how we can beautify the industry and see creatives grow, because without creatives, there is no success.I've been able to grow a business to 6 figures in under 2.5 years and helped advise small businesses on strategies to build their team and business.

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  • Ivan Gajera animator and illustrators profile photo

    Illustrator, Animator, NFT Creator, & Video Director

    Hey, I'm Ivan. (he/him)

    I'm a Mexican visual artist and director. My greatest inspiration is to create new universes through art and explore new challenges in which I can capture my vision of the world.

  • Fefa illustrators profile photo

    Illustrator, Animator, & Content Creator

    Hey, I’m Fefa, (she/her)

    I am a visual artist born in Portugal, but raised in Latin America. I like to push my skills to the limits in order to merge the imaginary world with the real one through illustration. Let's create new worlds together

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  • Malumi photographers profile photo

    Product Photographer

    Hey, I’m Max. (she/her)

    11:11 might call me a creative genius, but I would put chaotic before that. You might see me taking photos for a lot of Vancouver brands like, Organika, Bliss Edibles, Nora's Ice Cream, Everden, Kilig Candle Co., Secret Garden's Tea to just name a few that have let me be creative. 

    I am the owner of Kid Sister Skin Care and all those shots are proudly by yours truly.

  • Rajvir Chana product photographers profile photo

    Product Photographer

    Hey there! 

    I’m Rajvir. (She/Her) 

    An expert in brand and product photography. With my imagination constantly running wild, I knew a career in photography was meant to be.

    Now my mission is to help brands create high quality images that elevate their companies visuals!

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  • Boss Lady

    Hey I'm Fawn (She/Her)

  • Master of Disaster

    Hey I'm Farhad (He/Him)

  • Our Hype Girl (Arie)

    She is our team cheerleader, always knowing how to make us smile when we need it the most.

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