Built from all walks of life, all around the globe, we are experts in:
Brand Strategy, and Brand Identities created from the foundation upwards, finding the extraordinary paths to tell stories to brand's customers.

  • Chad evans branding expert profile photo

    Co-Founder | Creative Director

    Hey I'm Chad. (He/Him)

    Starting this agency with one thing in mind, believing that we can create a better human connection through visually strategic creative branding. Seeing how we are pushed advertising 24/7, I create a focus on how we can strategize the industry and see brand's grow, because without creatives, there is no success. I've been able to grow business's to over 6 figures in under 2.5 years and advise businesses on strategies to build their teams and experience.

  • fernando mercado branding expert profile logo

    Co-Founder | Creative Specialist

    Hola, I’m Fero. (He/Him)

    After 10 years of experience in marketing & advertising and a start-up project, I have proved over and over that creativity and strategy do not go far without each other. Creativity can bring up fantastic ideas and create great stories, but without a strategy, it brings no value to brands. On the other hand, a strategy without creativity builds no connection or emotion in your audience. Strongly believe that success lies in the correct balance between them.

  • Project Manager | Admin Manager

    Hey I'm Fawn (She/Her)

    I’m an administration extraordinaire with over 16 years of experience; but if ‘mullet’ was an adjective to describe an archetype, it would be me. Business in the front, party in the back. I was the Team Canada Team Manager for the Women’s Roller Derby World Cup, with a diploma in business and BA in Health and Community Services I thrive under pressure. I’m ambitious, outrageous, and cheeky on a good day. Enthusiastic and personable, my passion is to contribute, support, and make a difference with the clients that we support.

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  • Ivan Gajera animator and illustrators profile photo

    Illustrator, Animator, NFT Creator, & Video Director

    Hey, I'm Ivan. (He/Him)

    I'm a Mexican visual artist and director. My greatest inspiration is to create new universes through art and explore new challenges in which I can capture my vision of the world.

  • Fefa illustrators profile photo

    Illustrator, Animator, & Content Creator

    Hey, I’m Fefa, (She/Her)

    I am a visual artist born in Portugal, but raised in Latin America. I like to push my skills to the limits in order to merge the imaginary world with the real one through illustration. Let's create new worlds together.

  • Rajvir Chana product photographers profile photo

    Studio Photographer

    Hey there! 

    I’m Rajvir. (She/Her) 

    An expert in brand and product photography. With my imagination constantly running wild, I knew a career in photography was meant to be.

    Now my mission is to help brands create high quality images that elevate their companies visuals!

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