Hello creators! As you are well aware, the secret to branding is keeping up with the world; branding must reflect the cultural and social climate of the moment and trying to stay one step ahead (we know how hard that can be). In the last few years, we have witnessed extreme changes. These shifts are without a doubt affecting the landscape of consumerism and as they settle in, we can already perceive on the horizon the impact they will have on how people see and interact with brands!

In recent years, we've navigated through a turbulent and unsettling period. Our lives have been dominated by the news of crises and uncertainty, ranging from natural disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes, to the complexities of pandemics, conflicts, and political strife. However, noteworthy technologies have been on the rise. While the tangible world faces challenges, there's a notable shift as individuals increasingly gravitate towards the realm of the digital.

Adaptability is a defining human trait, propelling us into this new phase. History has taught us that once we undergo a change, whether it's a mental or physical transformation, there's no going back to the previous state. Branding, as a deeply human medium, mirrors our essence and experiences. Reflecting these shifts; our task is to anticipate and stay ahead of this evolution.

"The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings." -Attributed to Kakuzo Okakura

1. Activism

Have you noticed? People are pointing fingers at over-consumerism and irresponsible practices of many industries as the major causes of climate change. They are demanding that these practices stop and while the consequences are being felt increasingly, the pressure consumers will put on brands will grow as well. Customers will completely disengage from brands that cannot fulfill the promise of being eco-friendly, politically engaged, and ethical. We already witness a movement of brands that take these values, but just stating them out loud will not be enough (this is where actions speak louder than words); we should expect brands to walk their talk. People are sick and tired of false promises - industries that prioritize profits > people, and the screw will tighten. We believe brands will get involved in activism as our expectation of them to go beyond marketing.

2. Tech revolution

That’s a big point, well, more of an umbrella covering many potential shifts. Arguably, the major new game-changer that are seeing is AI (you know, ChatGBT, Mid journey, etc.). It not only allows brands to create and innovate quicker, but it also allows anyone to make high-quality songs, videos, text, and images with limited education and skills; these tools are turning everyone into creators, not just consumers.

Other tech players on the scene too, are VR and AR (Apple glasses). These new gadgets are primed to give brands a chance to really push the envelope. Think about it – they're blurring the line between online and reality itself. People are already bouncing back and forth between these two worlds all the time, look at META.

Remember those NFTs, those digital goodies that exist only in cyberspace? Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. We're betting that technology will play a way bigger role in every step of the customer journey. Especially now that we've got the tools to whip up these super immersive experiences. We can't lay out the exact game plan, but here's the kicker – if brands jump on this chance to get innovative, these tools could unleash a whole new level of creativity. We might just witness some mind-blowingly awesome campaigns down the road.

"Technology is best when it brings people together." - Matt Mullenweg

3. Social media (yeah yeah we know)

While we acknowledge that social media already serves as a marketing tool, these platforms are undergoing their own transformations. Consumers are distancing themselves from the veneer of perfection and fabricated lives on all platforms. Have you seen? They're seeking authentic connections and a sense of community in the digital space. This signifies a shift away from algorithms pushing the same targeted ads repeatedly (honestly so over that), towards content from friends that holds greater personal significance.

Ads now infiltrate our lives, creating a grey area between genuine social engagement and marketing ploys. Social media, once a hub for the community, has transformed into an ad-laden realm (barf, listen we are also consumers here), featuring both brand promotions and personal branding, which is exacerbated by content creators, highlighting the demand for authenticity and connection. As a result, users are migrating to platforms like Discord and Reddit, seeking genuine communities tied to their passions, and these platforms are sticking to community.

This shift will impact branding twofold: brands must exercise restraint, avoid digital saturation, and pivot towards community-building. This collaborative approach involves tailoring products to community needs, forging a more symbiotic brand-customer relationship.

4. Personalization

Brands are heading toward greater specialization. Our quest for individuality is rising, fuelled by a rejection of uniformity and pushback against limited norms. We're embracing unique passions and movements like body inclusivity/positivity, and celebrating diversity. Social media's rapid information sharing and educational potential amplify these changes. The cookie-cutter approach no longer cuts it. These intertwined factors – the drive to stand out and the understanding of our inherent uniqueness – will continue to drive customized products. From personalized shampoos to beyond, brands are already embracing this model, marking a wave of individualized offerings.

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." - Alan Watts


Even in the midst of uncertainty, we prefer to focus on the bright side. Change isn't a doomsday scenario; it's the opening act for a whole new world. And let's be real, isn't it thrilling when there's room for innovation to show off? The traditional systems might be running on fumes, but we've got these shiny new tools at our fingertips and a wide-open path to introduce something completely different.

So, how's innovation gonna give branding a facelift in the future? Well, picture this: it's like shaking up the old snow globe to let new ideas swirl around. Brands will need to step up their game, ditching the tired ways of doing things. Instead of just plugging into the same old routine, they'll have to tap into that creative reservoir to come up with fresh strategies (like us). The future of branding is all about embracing change, breaking away from the pack, and crafting narratives that resonate on a whole new level. It's like a reboot where the script is wide open, and the possibilities are endless.

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