These are trends that we have been seeing popping up in the branding industry, 2023 is looking like it's going to be a fun, creative, and playful year! Check out the trends we see happening below!

1.Risographic Printing

    Okay, to be honest, we also just found out about this new word, I mean we have seen the process before on Tik Tok but didn't know the actual term for it. We've noticed a lot of creators recently start to use this in their branding, or styles of it. Our friend Nicole at Ripple and Rise has started to create beautiful prints using this technique. Her style of art and branding also goes perfectly to create these pieces. The Riso prints one colour at a time in bright, vibrant colours. It is ideal for posters, graphic prints, zines, comics, and other graphic arts. The Risograph is a stencil duplicator. Think of it as a cross between screen printing and photocopying. 


    2. Metaverse/cyber

    metaverse and cyber
    Cyberfolt Social Media Template

    Ya ya, Facebook changed their business name we get it. But honestly, they aren't wrong. Many companies are starting to use more futuristic types of styling and we will see that coming back. It's like early 1990-2000 all over again, except better. You could call this style a mix between the Cyberpunk and Vapour wave, it sits right in the middle, mixing old-school and new-school retro styles. The Vapour wave style itself has been around for a long time, but as we have been seeing, it's starting to make an even bigger comeback. With dark backgrounds and neon colours, it stands out when creating any sort of graphics.


    3. Flared sans serif

    Weird right, this is a typography that can be used in more of a playful way when stylizing it. With bolder text and some rounded lines, it gives a retro yet elegant feel throughout each letter. You can see it here in Norah Bullens project on Behance. A beautiful way to find elegance and play. 


    4. Brutalism

    In our world, telling your story is all that matters. Brutalism is that story. It uses a huge emphasis on materials, textures and constructions which produces highly expressive content across your branding. If you want a way to connect with your customers and stand out for 2023. Start showing up and creating content like this, and people will notice. Why do you think magazines and billboards work so well... they use a lot of brutalism. 

    Benedicto Carnai does amazing work of HERE on Instagram of Brutalism


    5. 3D Elements

    This one is coming in hot for sure. We have seen the use of 3D technology all over the place with 3D printers and blender being a huge part of todays new technology. Brand's are starting to use it in their logo more, their typography and videography. Elements are starting to pop off the screen, not a surprise with how VR is going as well. Check out Piknic Electronik on Behance,this project they created is an amazing way 3D bright elements can be used! Also check out Entkunstung Summer Session 


    We are super excited to keep sharing with you the trends that are coming up quick! Trends may change but these are just the beginning of what we are seeing for the upcoming year.

    Excited to see what you create!

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