If Spring was a brand, it would be the ultimate party crasher.

It’s that brand that never sleeps and is sparkling with energy. Spring will climb in your apartment through the window at 8am with two coffees in hand when you were out together stirring up trouble the night before. It has crazy ideas and a quirky laugh that makes head turn. Spring is definitely a breath of fresh air and you never know where it will take you.

We think spring needs a color palette that screams "let's get this garden party started!" before summer comes shining through. It is complimented with shades of green that make the fresh grass jealous. Spring likes to be noticed and its high contrast, mildly clashing (but it works) with these colors that do just that.

Spring's typographic choices should be as quirky as its unpredictable storm that comes rolling through the night. All of them need to resemble fun though and through, because Spring is full of hopes and promises and will go to the public pool even if it rains.

We would say the overall vibe of Spring should be sassy, but there is also a softness that makes you feel at home and refreshed. Everyone knows that even though Spring is full of new energy, it is also nurturing and loves to take a day off here and there to focus on its self-care.

Spring is here to remind us that life is beautiful and full of surprises! Cheers to embracing the whimsy and wonder of the season!

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