Hey, people! Welcome to part two of "All You Need to Know About the Shopify 2023 Update" and how it can benefit your e-commerce business. We all appreciate it when new tools come along and they make our jobs easier and more efficient. Fortunately, technology has made significant advancements in the past year, especially with the emergence of AI. Shopify has embraced these innovations and introduced a range of new tools. In our previous blog post, we discussed how these improvements simplify store setup and streamline the customer journey. If you missed it, you can find it here. Since there's so much to cover, we're back to focus on how the update can enhance your business operations and advertising efforts!

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"The rapid pace of technological change is a backdrop for everything we do." - Janet Napolitano

  1. Running Your Business


There's no way you can think about improving your products or taking on new endeavours if you're constantly spending your day dealing with urgent deadlines and wasting precious minutes on tasks that really shouldn't take that long. We believe this is where Shopify has truly excelled this year by asking what these time-consuming tasks are and how they can speed up the process. They've done an amazing job with the addition of AI, which is yet to come, but we can't wait. We love AI! And as a forthcoming Shopify update, it's like having a highly experienced personal assistant. Shopify's AI, called Sidekick, will answer all your business questions, find you the best apps for your needs, and respond to your customers through live chat. It will support you through all your tasks, and honestly, we're excited about it because if this is the first step for Shopify AI, imagine what it will be able to do in future updates.

Easy Sell

Selling becomes significantly easier with these cool features. To start, increasing sales requires a clear understanding of what strategies are effective and which ones are not. This necessitates analysis. It is crucial to base your next move on data rather than solely relying on personal taste or subjectivity. While you may have a personal attachment to a product, it may not sell well. To obtain this information, analysis and reports are essential, even if they may initially seem complex. Fortunately, AI is available to simplify this task for you. It provides a clear overview of your business and identifies areas for improvement.

In the previous blog post, we discussed how the checkout process was becoming smoother. However, with this upgrade, it becomes even smoother for the seller as well. Shopify's new payment gateway, powered by Stripe, allows you to process payments directly on your online store, eliminating the need for third-party processors and their associated fees. Additionally, you will have the ability to offer subscription and bundle options to your customers.

Lastly, Shopify Marketplace Connect is a time-saver. This app will connect you to any other market where you might be selling your products as well, such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. It automates the synchronization of inventory, orders, product descriptions, customer data, and pricing. You can even set unique pricing for specific marketplaces, making multichannel selling more efficient.


We understand that B2B businesses need more tailored services for what they are doing, but it seems like Shopify does, too. There are some major improvements coming in for this type of business. You'll be able to link your Shopify store to other systems and platforms you might be using to deal with selling a large number of products to many clients. Things like accounting software, inventory management, or catalogues will all integrate with your existing platform to make your life easier.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci

2. Advertise


Shopify has introduced a dedicated section for apps designed specifically for social media marketing. This means you can easily find and integrate apps that help you market your products and services on platforms you typically use for marketing. In addition, Shopify expands its tools with Shopify Audience, allowing you to reach more people and potential clients across major channels such as Facebook, Instagram, the Google network, and Pinterest. But that's not all. "Sync and Sell on YouTube" is a game-changer for merchants, enabling you to showcase and sell your products directly to viewers during live streams and on-demand videos. This powerful feature boosts sales and enhances audience engagement on this popular platform. While it may seem like a lot to integrate, remember that more is merrier. So go ahead and conquer the world with these updates!

It’s great to have these opportunities, right? But does that mean more work to come up with content? Not necessarily. Shopify has a response to it with the upcoming Sidekick. This highly awaited assistant will be able to generate product descriptions and other text content. Additionally, Shopify Email has been optimized to help you create engaging email campaigns. This includes generating effective subject lines and finding the best times to send emails for maximum impact. Thanks, AI.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

That’s it, friends! We made it! Well, almost… There are about a hundred new things to explore, either that have already come up this year or that will soon enough. They are obviously not all covered here, but we wanted to at least give you a glimpse and highlight the ones we feel could have an impact on how you use and navigate Shopify, no matter what your situation is, from building your platforms to dealing with a large number of clients across the world. I’ll let you continue exploring the latest innovations of Shopify on your own!

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