We believe in great people and passionate work, which is why it’s important to have a great team. When communication flows and you know you can count on each other, it creates a safe space to express creativity and come up with beautiful ideas. We are so lucky to have this at Elevin Elevin! We are so happy to have Caney Studio being part of our creative team as they are truly amazing animators and illustrators. We just thought you HAVE to know their work and what they are all about, so we decided to show you more of their work and more about who they are, because we appreciate them quite a bit!

Fefa and Ivan are the creators and artists behind Caney Studio, based in Mexico city. They started the Studio in October 2023, but have been working with us since the beginning of 11:11.

We asked them “Why did you start an animation studio and how was it created?”

“Creating the animation studio was a natural process. We have been collaborating for a couple of years now, and we have realized that we both make a good match. We both have strengths that the other doesn't have, and we decided to take advantage of the workflow so we said, why not formalize the project?”

Likewise, we have always had incredible colleagues! So as a team we also decided to have projects to have the excuse to share and learn from our colleagues.


“What is your creative process?”

It depends, each project is a (unique) universe. Each of us also have different processes, but without a doubt, the first thing we do as a team is soak up references and brainstorm. We love having the chance to explore different styles, so we always look for ways to have fun with each project.”


“What are some of your favorite projects you worked on?”

“Each project leaves us something, and from each one we learn a lesson. All those that are in our networks are projects in which we feel proud and happy to participate.”

Since we have had the pleasure of working on projects with Caney, it is also so hard for us to pick one of our favorites. So we are hoping that these videos show you the true creative genius that they have as a team.


“What are your 2024 goals?”

  • Continue testing new animation, photography and illustration techniques
  • Get out of our comfort zone! And try in areas we haven't worked in yet
  • Being able to work with more colleagues! Collaborate with more people who inspire us

 Directed by Ivan

“What are some artists or some work from other people that inspire you?”

 This is just a couple of our favourite work that they have created for a clients Bliss Edibles.

They have a lot more amazing work, go check out their instagram & give them a follow, they will keep surprising you ;)

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