Waking up from breaking up is a blog turned into a podcast. Yra Jai came to us being lost in how she was going to tell her story and the story of her guests on the show. We brought her already bright yellow brand to be complemented by other bright colors around it.

Launch: March 2022
Catagory: Brand Systems


Within our process we always start with research. We found some interesting insights about the industry.Gender is not a defining factor when it comes to who listens to podcasts, but age is.

From 2019 to 2021 the time spent by Canadians listening to podcasts has increased by +/- 10%, with over 70% of listeners playing episodes on a weekly basis.

  • Age of Podcast Listeners

    47% are 18 to 34 y/o
    35% are between 35 and 54 
    Only 18% are over 55 years old

  • Best time for posting?

    In general, Wednesdays are the most popular days to postMondays are better for informative & motivational topics.2am is the most popular time for a show to go live, followed by 5am and 11pm.


Waking up from breaking up is a podcast that uplifts, changes, and creates awareness around positive change. It focuses on breaking up with old versions of yourself and opening your mind up to different, yet, relatable perspectives and releasing old mindsets.Breaking up is not a failure. It’s opening a door to change, and change, equals growth. WUBU provides new perspectives in hope to inspire others to discover new versions of themselves and find what truly resonates with them.We share stories of personal triumphs of people who found strength in themselves to let go of their comfort zone and beliefs they no longer associate with and are now more authentically themselves.


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